1st Annual Costume Fashion Show at Colorado Fabrics

 1ST Annual Costume Fashion Show at Colorado Fabrics

March 28, 2018 

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We are incredibly excited to announce our first annual Costume Fashion Show! We’ll be exhibiting amazing costumes that our customers have created using our fabrics. We get to see the materials in their unaltered form, so it’s a real treat to see what our fabrics become!

The Costume Fashion Show is a free, all-ages event being held at Colorado Fabrics on Saturday, March 31st from 1-3pm. We collected submissions for several months and selected the best pieces to represent the skill and creativity of our talented customers.

Submissions fall into three categories- Historical Costuming, Cosplay, and Costume Fashion. You don’t need to know a thing about costuming to appreciate these creations, but in case you’re curious about what these categories mean, read on for a brief primer on each style! 

Historical Costuming

The category features designs that recreate authentic historical fashion. Costumers use artwork, photographs (if available), advertisements, fashion plates, and surviving clothing items to inform their pieces. Some work to recreate an existing outfit exactly, while others use the techniques and styles of the time to inspire a new creation. Some historical costumers avoid all modern fabrics and techniques, using only materials and methods available during the time they are exploring. These highly accurate creations are truly labors of love!

Historical costuming is about bringing an era back to life and is a great way for sewing and fashion traditions to continue in our modern culture. Historical costumes are generally worn for events, historical reenactments, or just for the fun of escaping to another time.

Check out Denver blogger The Closet Historian, then follow her recommendations for other great historical costuming blogs. These blogs show the amount of research and consideration that goes into a historical costume!


Visit The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website, to explore their wonderful online collection and see the fashions that inspire these costumers.



Cosplay generally focuses on recreating a pop-culture character from TV, movies, comics, or video games. This type of costuming may seem new to some people, since the term “cosplay” (a portmanteau of “costume” and “play”) first appeared in only 1984. But the beginnings of cosplay (originally known as “fan-costuming”) were first seen in notable scale at the 1st World Science Fiction Convention in 1939! Back then fans used comic books and pulp fiction covers to inform their designs.

Today, many cosplayers go beyond dressing up just for the fun of championing their favorite character. Serious cosplayers challenge themselves to achieve total accuracy, devoting a large amount of time (and often money) to their creations. They attempt to capture every detail of the inspiration character in their design. Finished costumes include hair, makeup, accessories and props in order to express the character as faithfully as possible.

Cosplay also contains a unique competitive element. Competitions are commonly judged on Accuracy (to the original design), Craftsmanship (the level of quality and detail), Presentation (embodiment of the character) and Audience Impact (overall stage presence). All cosplayers take great pride in bringing a beloved character to life, but cosplay competitors add the aspects of technique and innovation for absolutely stunning results.

Cosplay explores a wide array of pop-culture influences. Designs can range from sweet and innocent, to mature and intense, depending on the source material. However, our Costume Fashion Show is an all-ages event, so all cosplay submissions are family appropriate, and well worth a look!

This is a great site to see the level of creativity and detail that goes into cosplay! Bear in mind, some cosplay can be risqué.


If you’ve got the cosplay bug and want to see more in person (or participate yourself!), get to Denver ComicCon! We’ll be there with our Costume Repair Booth, so come see us!


Costume Fashion

This last category is where all other costumes go! Halloween costumes, history with a twist (like steampunk), stage performance costumes- they all go here. Though the category’s parameters are less specific, there is no shortage of creativity and skill in this eclectic group.

Now that you know, come see the show! Costume models will walk a runway first, and will be available after for questions and a closer look. You can chat with models and designers to learn more about their category, their methods, and why they love what they do!

The store is open for shopping during the show, so you can still get what you need all day long. And should you get inspired by the amazing costumes, you’re right where you need to be to get started on your own design!

See you at the show!

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