Winter projects - 2018 

December 28, 2017

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The holidays are a wonderful time of year! They are fun, festive, and a great way to distract from winter creeping ever closer. But, let’s be honest, the holidays are also a time of stress and endless to-do lists. Once that blissful season is over, and the glittery decorations are all packed away, you may be left with a sense of exhaustion and nothing but months of winter looming before you… (or maybe that’s just me?) In case you feel the same, we thought we’d give you something to look forward to after the holly jolly has ended! For January, we recommend you only do three things... Get warm. Get some rest. And get creative!

We’ve gathered together links for some easy projects that will help you unwind from the busy holiday season, while staying cozy through the winter months ahead!

First, prep your space against the winter chill:

Draft Stopper - this is a great one to reach into your stash for.

Draft Stopper- should you need something heartier, try this upholstery fabric option.

Next, get cozy and unwind:

Fleece slippers- a little tricky, but oh so worth the effort!

Rice Bags- a super simple stash project, or a fun way to use seasonal fabrics. Whip up one of these babies, toss it in the microwave and get warmed up. Ideal for sore muscles!

Flannel blankets- incredibly easy, and great to curl up on the sofa with.

Faux Fur Pillow and Throw- luxurious and incredibly soft. This is a great, easy way to experiment with faux fur, or try using Cuddle/Minky fabrics instead.

Now that you’re relaxed, get some sleep:

Pillowcases- a great way to keep seasonal style all winter long. Try any super soft fabric, like flannel, fleece, or minky and you’ll be off to dreamland!

Sleep Mask- a must have if you want to sleep in…

Enjoy your post-holiday hibernation. You’ve earned it!

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