Holiday Fabric Pine Cones

December 3, 2018 

Colorado Fabrics Holiday PineconesThese little beauties are great as ornaments for the tree, package toppers, or table decorations. Follow our easy directions and you will love them like we do.


Colorado Fabrics Holiday Fabric Pine Cones



 1ST Annual Costume Fashion Show at Colorado Fabrics

March 28, 2018 

oscar costume design image tout

We are incredibly excited to announce our first annual Costume Fashion Show! We’ll be exhibiting amazing costumes that our customers have created using our fabrics. We get to see the materials in their unaltered form, so it’s a real treat to see what our fabrics become!

The Costume Fashion Show is a free, all-ages event being held at Colorado Fabrics on Saturday, March 31st from 1-3pm. We collected submissions for several months and selected the best pieces to represent the skill and creativity of our talented customers.


Mud Cloth

by Meghan Hart

February 16, 2018

Mud Cloth

Celebrate Black History Month!

Let’s talk about one of the coolest textiles to come from Africa, namely, mud cloth! Many of us can recognize mud cloth, with its slightly rough woven texture and striking patterns. It’s a sturdy fabric with tons of potential, from home decorating to fashion. Mud cloth fits a range of decor, from clean and traditional, to layered and eclectic- add a little or a lot!

CF hosts: Stash Swap!

By Meghan Hart

fabric stashColorado Fabrics hosted our first Fabric Stash Swap on Saturday, January 27 and it was a raging success! We had never done one of these before and we were very excited. The event was FREE, and was a great opportunity to switch up your fabric stash while also meeting other interesting folks in the sewing community.

Winter projects - 2018 

December 28, 2017

kitten under blanket

The holidays are a wonderful time of year! They are fun, festive, and a great way to distract from winter creeping ever closer. But, let’s be honest, the holidays are also a time of stress and endless to-do lists. Once that blissful season is over, and the glittery decorations are all packed away, you may be left with a sense of exhaustion and nothing but months of winter looming before you… (or maybe that’s just me?) In case you feel the same, we thought we’d give you something to look forward to after the holly jolly has ended! For January, we recommend you only do three things... Get warm. Get some rest. And get creative!

Owner Nada Watt’s take on Colorado Fabrics’ first year in Aurora location

December 13, 2017

IMG 4468

We have come a long way since our beginning in 1979, when Bill and Judy Cisney opened a small fabric shop named Buy the Piece. As a newly married and expectant mother, I was introduced to Buy the Piece two years after it opened. From that day on Buy the Piece, later to be named Denver Fabrics, became my favorite fabric store. After 8 years of shopping at the store, I decided I wanted to work there.

A Must Have Sewing Notion

November 17, 2017

Sewing Machine Repair and Scissor Sharpening1

Nothing is more necessary than a good pair of scissors if you wan to master sewing success. And, as all successful sewists know, they need to be nice and sharp. If you have a pair that is in need of sharpening, we have a gentleman in the store who would be happy to take care of those scissors for you. You can find him in the back of the store under the sign “Sewing Machine Repair and Scissor Sharpening.” His in-store hours are Tuesday – Thursday from 10 am – 4 pm. But feel free to bring those scissors in to drop them off during regular store hours. Any sales associate would be happy to assist you.

Bent-handled scissors are the best for multi-purpose needs. It is also a good idea to have a smaller pair for more detailed work. One thing to note, never use your fabric scissors for cutting paper. Cutting paper dulls scissors so you will need to sharpen them more often.

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